Being a CUSE Intern


This summer was my second summer as an intern for the Cathedral Urban Service Experience. I returned this summer because I felt God was calling on me to continue in service, through working at CUSE. In my time as an intern, I had the opportunity to meet and form bonds with many people and form friendships. Interns have the unique opportunity to form quick friendships with those from the groups and summer-long relationships with those we work with at the service sights. While exhausted at the end of the day, I left work every night feeling thankful for the opportunity I have been given, and eager for what the next day has to offer. Being an intern for CUSE is an extremely rewarding experience, that made a lasting impact on my life.

Any college-aged young adults have completed at least one year of college are eligible and encouraged to apply. Interns should be energetic, outgoing, and have a heart to serve others. As an intern, we get to not only serve the underprivileged community, but also the groups that come to serve with us.  

The Cathedral Urban Service Experience provides valuable mission experience to youth groups looking to serve the underserved communities in the urban environment of downtown Houston. There are not many programs like CUSE that provide the complete inner-city mission experience. Over the course of the summer, we visit numerous service sites such as The Beacon, Interfaith Ministries of Greater Houston, and the Houston Food Bank, to name a few. All of the mission sites aim to serve the underserved by providing goods and services. Whether it is sorting and packing food products, or washing and sorting clothes, CUSE participants can have fun and know they are helping others in need.


Our 2018 CUSE Interns

These interns are working hard this summer serving the underserved. They are leading our service experience groups around the city and to their service sites. They are enjoying some fun too! We have been to a few Astros games along with the amazing museum district. How are you serving this summer?

Meet our 2017 Summer CUSE Interns

This summer we are joined by Emma Vorholt, Spencer Wright and Zach Lewis. These three will guide our groups throughout the city and will become engaged with our many wonderful non profit partners. It is going to be a great summer!

Do you have Spring Break plans?

So, it’s going to be spring break before you know it! Are you and your group hanging out at home? Why not bring them to CUSE and serve together! It’s only $18 per person per night to rent the space including beds! You can serve and get to see Houston! If you would like help finding service for your group we can do that too at an additional cost. Email the CUSE Director and we can get you set up to make your Spring Break one to remember.


#TurnTowardLoveHTX has been a blessing to those whom need to share their pain as well as feel loved. Our CUSE groups have been meeting our downtown community with serving at sites and now helping capture words of love and hope for the city.

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Hines Center for your CUSE?

The Bishop E Hines Center for Spirituality and Prayer has opened this past January. Our groups have been able to add a spiritual practice during their mission experiences including walking the Labyrinth, debriefing in the prayer room, participating in Pop Up Practice, art reflections and much more. Be sure to stop by when you are in Houston and check it out. Be sure to mention the Hines Center during your trip schedule planning. You can follow CUSE as well as the Hines Center on Instagram.

Got Plans for Fall?

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Our summer has been a non stop adventure of some amazing groups serving the underserved in Houston! The serving won’t stop when the summer ends. The need of service continues 12 months of the year and so does CUSE. I challenge you to include service in your Fall programming. Are you a youth group looking for a location for a Confirmation Retreat? Maybe you are a college group looking for an alternative Fall Break and instead of lounging during your break, you come and serve in downtown Houston. We have many college groups including our very own Rice University that will give their time of break to serve others. Looking for an intergenerational mission experience? We have you covered! If you are really ahead of the game, imagine what you and your group will be doing for Spring Break. All you have to do is fill out an online interest form and we will go from there! How are you making 2016 awesome?


Welcome 2016 CUSE Interns!

This summer we welcome Alli Elbert, Davis Mathis and Julian Borda to our amazing team. They will spend the summer leading our groups through the city and serving the underserved. During their time at CUSE they will grow spiritually and learn about injustice along with the underserved in Houston. The hours will be long and the rewards will be many.

internalli InternDavis internjulian