Who can serve at C.U.S.E.?

Everyone that wants to serve! We host groups of up to 30 people of all ages. Your group can be intergenerational, younger or young at heart. Think of the communities you are a part of: MOPS, JDOK, Girl Scouts, Home School Coop, Vestry, Outreach Team, Youth Group, Confirmation Group, Book Club, Friends that want to serve together, College Clubs, School Clubs, Alternative Breaks from school or Leadership Group for Retreat.

When can we come to serve?

12 months of the year! We are here from May until August with our full time interns. We remain here September through May as well. For Non Summer groups we have a few options you can find on the Trip Cost page.

During Non Summer groups the space is used by the church (the group must be out of the space temporarily) Sunday 8:30 a.m- 4:30 p.m.; Monday 6-9 p.m.; Wednesday 6-9 p.m. Our groups can use these times as an opportunity  to explore the city and enjoy a delicious meal on the town. We have a great list of suggested adventures if needed.

Where do we sleep, eat or meet?

CUSE groups are given the wonderful Ballard Youth Center (The Treehouse) for a one stop shop. There are three classrooms for sleeping (including twin sized bed rolls for each participant), 4 showers on the same floor (2 girl & 2 boy), bathrooms separated from showers, a large room for meeting including a projector for presentations, a full kitchen including a stove, and a beautiful view of the city.

What will we be doing?

What works best for your group. You can see where you will serve and join us pages to see more details about the service sites we partner with. Each group will be able to have a voice in where they serve. The options will be based on ages, group size and the need of the community. When not out serving the group can hold meetings, presentations or connecting with each other.

How do I register my group and choose dates?

  1. Check our Calendar to see which days are open.
  2. Fill out an interest form with the days that work for your group and your information.
  3. The CUSE Director will contact you to approve dates and discuss details.
  4. Sign a contract and pay a deposit (One night stay per person).
  5. Be sure all in group fills out a CUSE registration.
  6. Don’t forget the packing list! Rain Gear really is a must!
  7. Arrive with each participant’s (Adult & Youth) forms and serve!

Summer Groups (May-August)

Non-Summer Groups (September-April)