Cathedral Urban Service Experience,
a ministry of Christ Church Cathedral in Houston, TX, offers a unique opportunity for youth and adults to grow spiritually as they serve others and live in Christian community. In its most recent year, more than 200 CUSE volunteers worked at 11 different sites providing 5400 hours of service.

“Cathedral Urban Service Experience was one of the best organized mission trips I have experienced, and I highly recommend the trip for any youth group. The accommodations in the Cathedral were top notch, and two interns who led our group were kind, helpful, and great leaders. The logistics of going to different places each day were made very simple by the great planning and organization of the CUSE staff. We had a wonderful experience of serving others without ever having to worry about how or if the schedule was going to work. Unlike many other trips we’ve taken, there was no one project. Rather, we served at a variety of ministries around the Houston area, serving the homeless and underprivileged both in Houston and abroad (via organizations with local and international focus). Our youth’s eyes were opened, to say the least! They got to interact with the people they were serving to a great degree. Their service was done to individuals, rather than to unknown entities or people. We will definitely be back!”

The Rev. Brad Sullivan