Got Plans for Fall?

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Our summer has been a non stop adventure of some amazing groups serving the underserved in Houston! The serving won’t stop when the summer ends. The need of service continues 12 months of the year and so does CUSE. I challenge you to include service in your Fall programming. Are you a youth group looking for a location for a Confirmation Retreat? Maybe you are a college group looking for an alternative Fall Break and instead of lounging during your break, you come and serve in downtown Houston. We have many college groups including our very own Rice University that will give their time of break to serve others. Looking for an intergenerational mission experience? We have you covered! If you are really ahead of the game, imagine what you and your group will be doing for Spring Break. All you have to do is fill out an online interest form and we will go from there! How are you making 2016 awesome?


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